Ellen Pompeo: Here’s Why I Decided To Share My Salary

Ellen Pompeo: Here’s Why I Decided To Share My Salary

Ellen Pompeo scored a $20-million deal for her role on “Grey’s Anatomy.” In case you missed it, Pompeo has now opened up to Jimmy Kimmel about why she decided to talk about her paycheck so publicly – she’s also happy that people didn’t think she was showing off.

“I’m grateful that it was received in the way in which I intended it to be, which was as an empowering story for women and to also be very honest about my faults and my shortcomings,” she explained. “I wanted to sort of do a truthful interview and talk about my road to my own empowerment and how I got there, but also mistakes I’ve made along the way.”

Pompeo went on to say that she’s heard a number of women about the impact. “As women, it’s not only about what’s done to us or what’s not given to us. It’s what don’t we ask for,” she noted. “I think as much as we can point the finger at other people and [say], ‘You don’t give us or you don’t treat us fairly,’ we also have to point the finger at ourselves and say, ‘Did we ask?’… We have to own part of it. And sometimes we’re too shy; we’re too afraid to be seen as difficult to really speak our mind.”

Source: Jimmy Kimmel


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