That Earworm “Baby Shark” Is On The Pop Charts

That Earworm “Baby Shark” Is On The Pop Charts

The earworm of the decade has done the impossible; crashed the pop charts in a big way.

Kids’ song “Baby Shark” is swimming with the big fish as it comes in at number-32 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100. For real. The song about a family of Sharks hunting for their next meal had almost 21-million streams last week. That’s in addition to the more than two-billion views it’s run up on YouTube.

The song we love to hate and accompanying dance were around for decades before South Korean children’s educational company Pinkfong spun its successful “Baby Shark” video into a series of animations featuring penguins, apes, and lions.

From there, K-pop heavyweights like Girls’ Generation and BLACKPINK jumped in on the dance challenge as the video swept across much of Southeast Asia.

Now you’ll have the song in your head all weekend… you’re welcome!

Source: NPR


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