Ricky Gervais Remembers Attempted Music Career

Ricky Gervais Remembers Attempted Music Career

Before becoming a comedian, you might not know that Ricky Gervais tried his hand at the music industry. Back in the 80s, he was in a new wave duo Seona Dancing with a friend from college. They put out two singles, which weren’t so successful (although one was a hit in the Philippines)… and while Gervais himself has admitted that he took the right path by moving on, he’s not saying he’s isn’t a rockstar.

Speaking to NME, Gervais reveals that although he still has his music skills, he’s given up the dream. “I think I gave that up at 28. I’ve got much more of a comedian’s face and body now,” he notes. “People said that after ‘Life On The Road’ – just because I can play and sing. After ‘Ghost Town’ people didn’t say, ‘Oh, do you really want to be a dentist?’”

But he still draws some parallels between his new and old careers. “I think [comedians] are rockstars. The fact that we’ve got a platform and go out there and say what you want as a stand-up, that’s pretty close,” he explains. “It’s all, ‘look at me, look at me’ – that’s why a comedian should be fat and old and ugly.’”

Source: NME


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