Charlie Sheen On The Moment He Decided To Get Sober

Charlie Sheen On The Moment He Decided To Get Sober

Charlie Sheen is “one-point-four” years sober now. Sheen recalled his wake-up call was not being sober enough to drive his daughter to an appointment. During his appearance on the United Kingdom’s “Loose Women” talk show over the weekend, he opened up further about his journey.

Regardless of his past shenanigans, Sheen boasts having “no DUIs.” He makes it a rule not to “drink and drive…ever,” so he ended up calling his friend Tony to help him out getting his daughter to and from her appointment – which he did. But even so, Sheen said that moment proved enough was enough: “the next morning I woke up and said, ‘Today’s the day.’”

Reflecting on his past, Sheen called it “surreal.” as if “there was some alien or demonic possession going on.” But he does note that he’s gone through his fair share of stressful times, especially during filming “Two and a Half Men.” “People forget that I went through two divorces and had four children, so that’s kind of a lot… but you’ve got to park the ‘rot’ before you go to work, because you’ve given them your word,” he added.

Source: “Loose Women”


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