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The Morning Planet with Michael & Kaitlyn
Michael & Kaitlyn
Weekday Mornings 6am-10am

Hey! Thanks for checking out my page. Let's be honest... most people aren't morning people. We don't always wake up cheery. And mornings can be pretty crazy. So let's all make the best of it and we'll get thru another week together. Kaitlyn and I are on your radio from 6 - 10. We always have some laughs, we let you know what's going on around Billings, we give you really cool prizes and play awesome music. It's a good combination. We always welcome your phone calls at 406-256-8800 or you can send us an email 24 - 7 here.

About Me:
I'm married to Stacy and we have 4 kids, from the baby to one in middle school. We have two dogs, a chocolate Lab named Hershey and Bob the Boston. Two cats. One guinea pig. We live in Laurel, famous for its fireworks (go ahead, insert your favorite Laurel Joke HERE, I've heard them all). Stacy works at a salon. The kids are into sports. We like the Vikings and the Twins.I love Las Vegas. Got engaged, married and made a baby there. Blackjack!

Random Likes:
This baby girl is honestly one of the coolest things that I've ever been blessed with. I know it sounds cliche, but it's true. Otherwise I like being outside, motorcycles, sleeping in, steak, beer, nice people, plants, cartoons, pictures, vacations, books.

Random Dislikes:
Rudeness, fakers, haters, drama, game requests on facebook.

Favorite Foods:
I cook a lot at home, but when we do eat out I like steak places (Edgar Bar, Feedlot). Samurai Japanese on Central is delicious and fun.

Favorite Music:
Most of the songs on the Planet... Linkin Park, Buckcherry, Maroon 5. I also love Guns and Roses, Sublime, Johnny Cash, 311, Motley Crue, Outkast, Tom Petty, Metallica... The list is far too long.

Coffee, water, beer.

Things I'd rather do than work:
Ride the bike. Play golf. Sleep. Spend more time doing fun stuff with the wifey and kiddos.

Michael & Kaitlyn
Michael & Kaitlyn
Weekday Mornings & Mid-days 6am-1pm

Ding Dang! Thanks for checking out the Dj page! Make sure and join Michael and I weekday mornings from 6AM to 10AM for all the latest Hollywood gossip, sweet prizes and the most fun one is legally allowed to have during the work day! here!

About me:
I came into this world on June 18th, 1986 to a beautiful place known as Billings, MT. By the time I was 18 months old, I could talk full on joke.... every report card I ever had from k-garden to senior year said something along the lines of "Enjoyable in Class, but talks too much". I have loved to chit chat basically my whole life it seems! So, one might say that I have found my dream job! I love anything reality... Rock of Love, The Hills, Biggest, Loser and, of course, American Idol. I can't help loving such quality TV! Plus, who doesn't love drama when it's not your own haha. I'm always down for a good laugh! I love to sing and I love to dance, but I'm not good at either so I'm sure it's a good time for everyone around me! My daily get-up consists of jeans, flip flops and a t-shirt topped off with a pony tail of some sort. I don't carry a purse cause I figure if it doesn't fit in my pockets, I don't need it! I'm working on the whole girly-girl thing.....

Random likes:
Vampires, learning new things, pretending to be an amazing sports player, signing in the car, hugging new friends and my new found love Facebook.

Random Dislikes:
Mean people; they suck.

Best concert:
David Cook...cause he's pretty.

First Album:
Paula Abdul's "Forever Your Girl": "Straight up now tell me do you really want to love me forever oh oh oh or am I caught in a hit and run?"

Favorite Music:
I love all different kinds of music and artists from AFI to Jason Maraz to Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, David Cook, Justin Timberlake, Chris Ledoux, The Beatles and beyond! Good music is good music!

Ice tea, soda pop, beer, the normals!

Mac and Cheese, shrimp, anything that can be bbq'ed, Staggering ox and fair food is pretty yummy too!

Toby In The Afternoon
Weekday Afternoons 1pm - 6pm

Hey there! Hang out with me in the afternoons and I'll keep you entertained while you work! I will cover it all...local news, hollywood news, stupid new, touch on sports, and possibly make you a winner with some sweet prizes we have laying around the studio. The commute home Feel free to shoot me your song request on our facebook page!

About me: I grew up in a village located in the south eastern corner of the 406, Ekalaka. Where there are only bars and churches, drink and repent. I attened Carter County High school and graduated with 12 others in 1999. I participated in everything from band & choir to basketball and football. When I wasn't in town I was on my families ranch driving tractors, working cows and raising bucking horses with my parents and grandparents. I start in radio on a whim for a job at college on KBHU at Black Hills State University where I became an awarding winning DJ in 2000. I Majored in communications and history, I moved to Billings because I missed Montana, and have been in town and on the radio since 2001. I have been married and divorce, I have a son who is 7 and keeps me young. I love being outside playing softball or golfing. Like any other small town kid I love to hunt and jump on the dirt bike and go for a cruise. I also play basketball during the winters at the YMCA. And if that isnt enough to pass the time I am also employed at Bresnan, Optimum, Charter....ok we will just call it the cable company, and I am part owner of a mobile DJ/entertainment company called the BoisterousBoys, so if you are needing music for a wedding reception, a company party or anything like that hit me up! Random likes: With all my tattoos and piercings alot of people look at me funny when I say I am really into rodeo. My family raises bucking horses, which I do not ride, I found there is a better way to make money....our stock is in the PRCA Hall of Fame. Random Dislikes: Stupid people, rude people, fake people Fears: Failure, poopy diapers, and sticky notes from the boss. Best concert: Having been in radio for 14 years, I have seen many shows and this is tough to narrow it down to one one. So we are going to do a top five 5) Shooter Jennings 4) Alice Cooper 3) Dropkick Murphys 2) Shinedown 1) Rob Zombie First Album: Huey Lewis and the News 'Sport' on cassette (you remember those) and listened to it so much I wore it out. My first CD wasGuns and Roses 'Appetite for Destruction', and my mom found it and took it away. Favorite Music: I grew up on strictly country, but its all so depressing. So figuring it was in the best interest for my health I listen mostly to rock/hard rock. But to me there are two kinds of music....good and bad. So theres your answer...I listen to good music. Drink: I single handedly keep the Crystal Light plant open drinking that all day everyday except for when I need a pick me up, and grab a Mt Dew. Food: Anything my mom makes....ranch kids love steak and burgers right? Nothing beats a finely made pizza. And Im a sucker for pancakes with peanut butter and syrup.

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