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Jane Seymour Talks Sexual Harassment In Hollywood
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Jane Seymour is the latest in a long line of famous women saying #metoo. The actress says when she first came to Hollywood when she was in her 20s, a very powerful producer tried to take advantage of her. 

According to Seymour, after she had a successful screen test, she was told to go to the producer's house for a meeting. While there, the producer ranted and raved about how great she was before putting his hand very high up on her thigh and saying she knew what she "had to do." When Seymour refused his advances and asked for him to call her a cab, he got angry and told her if she ever told anyone what happened she'd never work again. 

Seymour isn't naming names because this particular man died over a decade ago. Regardless, the actress says the incident did make her leave the business for a bit. “I went back to England, and I quit acting for a year,” Seymour explains. “I gave up. I wasn’t going back to America. I wasn’t going back to Hollywood.”

  • Eventually Seymour returned and ran into that same producer, who apparently didn't remember her from the first incident. In fact, he tried the same approach on her again. That time she had brought her agent along to prevent anything from happening. 

Source: Megyn Kelly Today 

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